How to Destroy a Hard Drive!

How to destroy a hard drive

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How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Data breaches, identity theft and cyber attacks are increasing at record numbers.  Often times we find ourselves with old computers that we refuse to throw away because of the data on the hard drives.  It is easy to copy data using backup programs and now, the cloud.

The challenge is how do you properly destroy left over data drives so they can not be copied by a hacker or cyber bully?

With large companies who own hundreds or thousands of old hard drives, eventually the space used to store old drives becomes a premium and the destruction of corporate data has to be completed in a controlled, recorded and professional manner.  The fastest option is at the top of our list.

There are several options I am going to share with you in the order of most effective.   This will provide you the highest and best options to protect your data and security.

#1.  Machine Shredding

Destroy the hard drive by having professionals like Altech Electronic Recycling shred your data drives with on camera video logs to assure you it was properly destroyed.   This is the only fool proof, professional destruction method.

#2.  Software

The DOD (Department of Defense) requires that any information be overwritten no less than 7 times to ensure its disposal.   There is software that can do this.   The programs are designed to securely erase a hard disk until data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable, which is achieved by overwriting the data with random numbers.   The benefit is that the media/hard drive is reusable but the time it takes to do this is very consuming.   Be sure the drive is worth recovering.  It may be old technology that newer machines can not even work with.

#3.  Duplicator

Use a Drive Duplicator that offers the option to clean out a drive data.  Not highest and best but might be an option for you.

#4.   Smash, Blast and Bash

Remove the hard drive and grab a hammer, drill and blow torch.  (seriously)  Take the drive apart and smash all the reading components.  Once the media is exposed, drill it and melt it.  Experts say they can still get some data but you would have to know where it was disposed of.

#5.  Acid Bath

Remove the hard drive and expose the media.  Remove it and place in a rubber lined plastic bucket.  Follow the safety directions on the side of the muriatic acid bottle by using rubber gloves, eye protection and a respirator.  Pour one (1) gallon of water over the media and then add the muriatic acid over the media and step back.   (It is much easier to Shred the Hard Drive at Altech!)  We do not recommend this option but it was an option discussed.

Seriously, the easy path to success is to schedule your data destruction today.  It is easy and safe with Altech Electronic Recycling!

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